Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So Very Weary...

I spent the bulk of the weekend in a car driving to and from a funeral in Delaware.  It was not your typical Memorial Day weekend peppered with barbecues, volleyball and general outdoor fun.  I got home yesterday mid afternoon and didn't really feel like doing anything but taking a nap, but I forced myself to get over to the boat and get something done.

The first order of business was sanding of course.  I'm sure I've said it before, but there always seems like more to do and the quest for perfection looks like an asymptote of a curve: you just never get there. Fortunately, I decided enough was enough and called it good.  I think that if I weren't so exhausted I would have continued sanding forever.

I wiped everything down with acetone and then the Interlux brushing reducer (2333n).  Then I mixed up the paint and went to town with my 4" foam roller.  Since the vast majority of the cockpit will be covered with KiwiGrip, there wasn't that much area to cover; just the sides in the foot well and the margins, but planning how to actually paint it while maintaining a wet line proved to be a challenge.  I ended up just working from the aft end and moving forward.  It seemed to work out pretty well.

I came back just before dark (about 6 hours later) and did another coat because Interlux Perfection allows for recoats 6-24 hours in between without sanding. I am really done with sanding and will do anything to avoid it.  This morning I came back and did one more again.  Unfortunately, there are a few fisheyes in the paint in pretty visible areas, so I'll probably wait until it dries up hard and then do a little sanding before some final touch ups to complete the job.  In the meantime I have no shortage of other annoying tasks to get the boat ready for launch.


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    1. Thanks, I will... I see the end in sight, but there's always still something to do.