Friday, October 5, 2012

KiwiGrip Part 3

The weather has been miserable the past week with cold, raw, rainy days that are just not conducive to painting with something as humidity sensitive as KiwiGrip.  Over the course of a few days I picked away at taping the starboard side deck and getting it ready to paint should a nice day come along.  This time of year tends to be sketchy in Central NH; about the one thing you can be sure of is that you won't have too many warm sunny days.

Fortunately today we had one and the temps got up into the low 70's.  The humidity is still pretty high (65%), but I figured that this may be one of my last opportunities this season.  So I spent an hour or so sanding and wiping everything down and was able to crack open my 2nd gallon of KiwiGrip at around 3PM today.  By 4:15 I was done and was pulling the tape.  

I turned on the fan and plan on running it all night to hopefully get some of the moisture out of the tent (although it will probably be fairly damp tonight from the dew).  I'm hoping for the best and with any luck I can avoid spending some quality time with my wife's hair dryer tomorrow.

I'll post some better pictures when it all dries up but here are a few shots of today's work:

The paint darkens up a little bit over the course of a week or so, it is lighter when wet (left side).