Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inching Along

An open letter to New Hampshire weather:

Dear New Hampshire,
While I commend your experiment making us more wet like the Pacific Northwest, it is time to wrap it up and begin our regularly scheduled spring (almost summer now).
Please stop NOW!!! DAMMIT!!!!

It seems as if the New Hampshire has become a temperate rain forest this month and I'm not sure the rain will ever stop.  I can't drive into my boatshed driveway without encountering hub deep mud and need 4-low to move.  The boat seems stable enough but I have been careful to stay clear as much as possible until things dry out.

Last night I got sick of waiting out the wet so I went over to the boat and checked the gravel base underneath.  It felt solid enough and after adjusting the jack stands (a few loosened up over the winter), I tentatively climbed aboard and found things just as I had left them over the winter.  I still have a layer of plastic and rosin paper over the areas I've already epoxied and will leave them in place to minimize any UV degredation (I know it's in a shed but the UV does penetrate to some extent).

I decided to tackle the port side balsa core removal that I had started last fall.  Since it had sat over the winter it was fully dried out and I found that while some of it was rotten and pretty much turned to dust when I pulled it out, there were other pieces that looked as new as the day they went in and had no glue on them whatsoever.  A few of them I was able to pull up by hand with zero effort.  I wonder if they were ever bonded properly or if they just forgot to wet out that section.  Who knows...

Anyway, I felt good that I was able to get a little done and that the boat didn't tip over and crush me and I hope to grind down the inner skin and put the bevel on the leftover top skin along the sides this upcoming weekend.

Not sure if this was ever glued down.

Crappy wood gone, it's grinder time.