Saturday, May 24, 2014

I Think I Need Some Bigger Sandpaper


I spent the morning curled up in the cockpit with my postage stamp sized 220 grit sandpaper,
prepping for primer.  As I sat there, I saw the irony of me using such a small piece of sandpaper and how long it has taken me to get this boat done.  It really feels like I spent the last 4 years using sandpaper this size to fix the boat.

After my little introspection period I finished the task at hand (sanding of course) by 8:00 AM and put a third coat of primer on just the deck of the cockpit.  I let that dry for a few hours and got another coat down just to build it up.  This should be the final coat before the finish paint, but I'll need to do another round of 220 grit sanding before I start.

I moved on to the seacocks I glassed over yesterday and ground down the hardened laminate flush with the rest of the hull.  It all laid up nicely and there wasn't much in the way of low spots, so I didn't need much filler to make it fair.  At this point I need a quick sanding and then some bottom paint... It's good to go. 

I also spent a little time in the head area to clean up and paint over the closed seacocks.  The section I worked will be covered entirely by the new composting toilet, but I decided to give it a sanding and some paint just to make it look clean (and probably get rid of some smelly old paint).

Finally, it was dump day and I was able fill up 5 trash bags with accumulated debris both inside and outside of the boat.  Sadly, the boat shed doesn't really look any different, I'm not even sure where it all came from. 

Unfortunately, I'll be heading to a funeral in Pennsylvania tomorrow and won't be home until Monday so no work for a few days.  The good news is that it gives me an excuse to swing by Buzzards Bay Yacht Services on the way home to pick up new standing rigging bits and pieces that I ordered and will be making and fitting over the next few weeks.  I haven't done standing rigging before, so this will be a learning experience for me (hopefully a good one).

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