Sunday, August 5, 2012

Islands Done

I didn't get too much done over the weekend because of family stuff going on and the boatshed is pretty uninhabitable after 9AM on these hot days.  I was able to pretty much wrap up the chainplate islands (or housekeeping pads) and get another coat of primer on the decks though, so it wasn't a wasted weekend.

I had started by gluing down the islands on Thursday with West System Six10.  I let them cure overnight and then early Friday morning I pulled the chainplates to make sure I hadn't glued them into the boat inadvertently.  With that done, I was able to putty a filet of fairing compound around each island where it is glued to the deck.  After a few hours I came back and sanded everything down so it was fair and ready for primer.  This morning I got up really early to beat the heat and got and everything wiped down and the primer mixed up before 7AM.  By 8:00 the decks had another coat of primer and the chainplate islands look pretty good.  I have to do a little cleanup before the final primer coat next week, but all in all, they should serve me well.

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