Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cockpit Time

Another busy weekend kept me away from much boat work, but I did manage to get a few things done.  I got another coat of primer on the cabin top and sides and the cockpit one step closer to primer.  I also started building the mast for the dinghy here.

I cleaned up the soft spot I had found on the bridge deck at the end of last week by pulling all the bad core out and sanding down the inner skin.  Next I ground a 2" bevel around the edges to tie the new with the old and epoxied in a new balsa core and the first of 5 layers of biaxial cloth.  The next day I glued in the remaining 4 layers to bring the new surface close to the level of the old.

5 layers is probably overkill, but the deck was thicker here and I decided that it would be easier to add additional cloth to fill the section up to the level of the old deck rather than use a ton of fairing compound to get the same result.  I finished it off by adding a much smaller amount of fairing compound to the section as well as filling all the leftover fastener holes throughout the cockpit.

Cleaned up and ready for new core.  Note the old core on the right hand side.  This was still in good shape so I left it in place rather than trying to rip it up.
5 layers of biaxial in place.  This left very minor low spots for fairing compound.
Fairing compound in place.  I'll probably need another touch up layer once I sand this one down.


  1. Started ripping off deck and core, Matt! Some spots worse than yours, some not as bad - surprised to find quite a bit of solid core in the fore-deck, forward of the couch roof. But the side decks and bow... oh my!

    1. Excellent! Glad to hear your underway. The core in my foredeck was similar (http://www.alberg35.com/2010/04/recore-marathon.html). The forward section was a mess but the area in front of the coach roof was fine. The side decks were a complete mess.
      I'm finally finishing the cockpit this week now that I have the rudder post in. I have 2 layers of 1708 biax glassed in now, and just added a layer of fairing compound this morning to level everything out before my final 2 layers of biax to tie it all together. I ran out of cloth so my final 3 yards is on the way and should be here tomorrow.