Friday, June 29, 2012

Ready For Prime Time!

With the exception of a quick once over with some 100 grit paper that should take 10 minutes or so, the cabintop is ready for the first coat of primer.  Every square millimeter is sanded to either bare glass or I've done the MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) test to ensure the base coat or primer is ok to lay down a 2 part system on it.  I am soooo done with sanding for the time being.  I know there's lots more, but I need a break.

The MEK test is also known as a solvent rub test and it's nothing more than taking some Interlux 2333N Brushing Reducer (or some other MEK product), saturating a paper towel and then placing it on the deck with a plastic bag taped down over it.  This ensures that little of the product evaporates.  Then wait 24 hours before taking it off.  If the coating on the deck peels or bubbles where it was in contact with the MEK, then it must be removed before painting with a 2 part paint.  

I did this because I wasn't sure that the grey paint on the deck was a 2 part paint or not.  It was as hard as granite and didn't come off like any 1 part paint I've ever used, so I suspected that it was a 2 part paint but the Interlux rep on the forums suggested that I do this test just to be sure.  Luckily, after 24 hours the paint was still hard and there wasn't any cracking or bubbling.  I would have preferred to take it all off, but nothing short of my angle grinder was taking it off (I went down to 40 grit on the orbital and it just didn't cut the base at all).  

I had hoped to get started on the priming this week since the Interlux Primekote came on Monday, but I'm headed up to Maine tomorrow for the week and I had too many things to wrap up at work and get stuff together for camping.  It will have to wait until I come back.  Fortunately, I will have 3 days to work on the boat when we get back from Maine before I have to get back to my real job.  I'll be back at it on the 8th and will be making a push to get the first coat of primer on all the decks by the following weekend (the cockpit will have to wait a bit longer). After that I can start focusing on the fun things like building the mahogany toerail, new cockpit coamings, and a myriad of other things.


  1. You have come a long way and are doing an excellent job!

  2. Thanks, still a long way to go though. Even after all this time, it still takes me 5 times as long as I'd like.