Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Longboarding Fun

Spent another hour yesterday fairing the cored section of the cabintop while I wait for the epoxy to fully cure on the forward section with all the bore holes.  The 17" longboard I made a while back is probably a bit on the short side for this section because it's a large area, but at the same time, the curve of the cabin dictates that I really only move in one direction (or slightly diagonal).  I probably should have a flexible board for these sections, but I think it will be ok as long as I'm careful.

I really like not having the power tools on and the constant 'shhsha shhsha shhsha shhsha' of the longboard is soothing.  The only downside is that I get really sweaty because it's reasonably hard work and there is no dust collection other than periodically firing up the shop vac.  The result is that a lot of the dust ends up sticking to me and I end up looking like a big yeti.

Once I knocked down all the high spots on the section I mixed up 12 oz of thickened epoxy and spread a thin coat on some of the low spots.  I think it's looking pretty good now, I don't know if I can get it much more fair at this point because of the color inconsistencies in the core make for lots of illusions. It's not perfect, but getting close. The Primekote should be here on Monday, so I am going to prime that section before I try anymore fill/fair cycles.  I'm hoping that getting a solid color (white) down will make it easier to spot high/low spots.

I may start the second round of longboarding the side decks in the next few days, but given that the temps are expected to be close to 100 today and tomorrow, I think I will stay out of the shed or plan on some early morning work.

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