Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What's Next?

My head has been spinning the past few days with all the stuff I have to get done if I am to get the boat launched for August.  The good news is that all the stuff that has to get done is reasonably minor with the only unknown being the engine.

The boat shed has been really hot lately, so working in there is less than appealing.  Within five minutes of entering I have sweated through my t-shirt completely and just end up tying it around my head. I just want this damn thing done now!

I won't go into too many details for this post but my tasks have run the gamut from bolting down hardware (including the main sheet traveler), to changing engine oil (twice, for good measure), bolting on the bronze strap for the rudder, polishing cleats and dorades, and general cleaning.  Bolting down the hardware has officially gotten old, but I'm down to one hatch, four chocks, the winch bases, and the genoa tracks.

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  1. Thrilled for you and the progress you're making toward getting her back in the water! Hang in there; she's looking great.