Friday, March 8, 2013

I Haven't Screwed up the Caprail Yet!

I keep reminding myself that I am just one errant cut away from a very expensive mistake so I have been taking it very slowly.  So far, I've successfully rough cut 5 of the 6 pieces to cover the port and starboard bulkwarks (the stern is another piece, but I'm not counting that one yet).  I haven't had much time this week to do much else, but I didn't manage to carefully whittle and fit the stem section to a good fit.  Now I just need to cut the final scarf to get the starboard side completely roughed in.

This weekend I plan on getting the port side roughed in as well and then things get tricky.  I still haven't decided exactly how I am going to attach the trim piece that covers the hull/deck joint.  The original method was to have the trim piece flush with the top of the cap rail (labeled 'B' in diagram).  The problem with this is that there is a vertical seam that opens up over time.  The advantage is that if you bang into something hard enough you can replace the trim piece instead of the whole caprail (or part of it).

Method A was implemented nicely by the owner of A-35 Quickbeam out on the west coast.  I think it's a better design overall but there are 2 things keeping me from pulling the trigger on this method.  1 - if/when I bump into things hard, the repair cost/effort will be more difficult, and 2 - The angles up toward the bow section make for some pretty tricky cuts.  I've gone back and forth over the past few days, and I need to spend some quality time on the boat doing some test pieces before I make a final decision.  In any event, things are progressing and I hope to have a solution in the next few days.  Stay tuned.

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