Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Waiting Game

I finished the third and final coat of Interlux Perfection this afternoon and I'm pretty pleased with how things turned out.  I decided to keep the final coat high gloss because the KiwiGrip will be a non-gloss finish, and I just really liked that shiny look on the cabin top sides.  Of course I still have the whole cockpit to contend with but I'll take whatever victory I can.  Now I need 72 hours of cure time on the cabin top and decks before I can start on the KiwiGrip.  I really want to just plow through the KiwiGrip, but I don't want to risk pulling up the pretty shiny paint when taping for the non-skid.

I think I still have enough time left in the season to get all the KiwiGrip completed before the weather turns too cold, but we'll see.  If I have time this week, I'll get the 2 lazarette hatches and the companionway hatch sanded, primed, and ready for the first coat of Perfection while I wait.

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