Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stinkin' Hot

The temperature in Concord was 95 today and the humidity was approaching jungle levels today so I knew what little time spent in the boatshed this afternoon would not be remotely pleasant.  As usual, the afternoon sun coupled with the fun effect that makes hot air rise made for a pretty nice sauna on the decks of magic today.  All that was missing to complete the experience was a bucket of water with a ladle to pour onto some hot coals.

I did manage to last through a full hour of sanding the decks both adjacent and aft of the cockpit, but by the end my respirator had actually accumulated a pool of sweat in it that would roll around when I leaned forward.  Good times indeed!

Presents from mailman
These sections of the deck will take the most time because there are a lot of curves to fair and each side has a scupper with a small trough that runs along the outboard side of the each side deck for several feet before leveling out.  Getting these fair will be critical to the final appearance, so I'm planning on spending a good amount of time trying to get them near perfect.

I'll be doing another small fairing coat with System Three QuickFair once I have everything roughly faired before I even think about primer.  The nice thing about QuickFair other than the thickening filler has already been added so you don't have to mess with microspheres and aerosil is that it can be sanded after only 3 hours.  That means that I can potentially get heat stroke three times in one day instead of just once with my current epoxy.

Once primed this section of deck should be in good shape and may not need any more fairing (hopefully) before the second coat of primer.  Then it's onto the cockpit itself...  I hope that I can just get away with sanding it down with the exception of the instruments that I need to remove (old depth sounder, knot meter, and yes a Loran).  I'll have to reglass those areas unless some benevolent soul decides to send me new instruments to take their place (there's always hope).

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