Friday, June 17, 2011

Starboard Side Core - Check!

I finally finished gluing in the core on the entire starboard side.  As part of that layup I laminated 6 layers of biax cloth to a 2 foot section where the winches will be mounted.  Now I have just about 15 feet left on the port side and I can start laminating the top layers of glass on the entire aft section.  Unfortunately, we are going away this weekend and next week promises to be pretty busy, but depending on temps, I'm shooting for sometime early next week.  Of course, there are lots of details in addition to the core that have to be taken care of; like putting solid glass (with cloth) in the stanchion and chainplate areas and filling all the nooks and crannies I missed on the first pass.

Once I get that taken care of, I'll layup 2 layers of 1708 biax cloth to match what I've done on the foredeck and forward starboard side, then it it will be time to sand, grind, feather, and generally smooth everything out before I put a third and final layer of biax over the entire boat (except the cabintop which I have already done). 

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