Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Puzzle Time

I cut out most of the remaining deck areas alongside and aft of the cockpit.  Found the same soggy plywood mess as on the port side.  Even the pattern was the same.  I don't quite understand why the plywood was cutout in a jigsaw like pattern, but I'm sure there was a reason.

Puzzle anyone?
It was clear that the top skin wasn't as thick here and I am wondering about the bottom skin as well.  When pulling up the plywood, I pulled out several sections of the bottom skin (small silver dollar sized holes) and it appears that the bottom skin in this area is only 1 layer of matte.   A note on the matte; I'm not sure what the previous owner's layup schedule was, but it really seemed brittle, the matte was tearing quite a bit.  I'm glad I went with 1708, it seems much tougher.  I ended up leaving the section right in the middle because I don't want the aft deck to depress due to the lack of supporting structure.  I'll get the core in place in the adjacent areas before I tackle that small section. 

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