Thursday, June 25, 2015


The boats been in the water for almost three weeks now and I have taken every opportunity to get out sailing.  We've had several family outings on the weekends and I've done a couple of mid week solo sails over the past few weeks.  I really love going out alone because it really helps me get to know how the boat behaves again.  Before the restoration I had gotten comfortable enough to sail on and off the mooring and maneuver through the very tight harbor without any help from the engine.  So far this year, I've been using the main to get off the mooring, but I've had the engine running just in case I screw up.  I'm surrounded by some very expensive boats whose owners would probably not appreciate me running into them and I don't feel totally confident yet to go without the motor when leaving or approaching the mooring.


  1. Great pics, hopefully someday I'll get to bring my Alberg up into those waters. Keep the pictures, helps motivate me to keep scraping and sanding in the 100+ degree temps we've had lately

  2. How's the KiwiGrip holding up. I have a Catalina 27 that needs a non-skid refresh, and I'm deciding between Interlux Perfection w/ gloss flattener, or KiwiGrip. Two concerns: Working within the narrow areas of non-skid where the roller won't fit, and the longevity of Kiwi. Thanks.

    1. After about 1.5 seasons, it has held up great and it still looks new. It also cleans better than expected. I highly recommend it.
      You said you were deciding between Kiwigrip OR Interlux perfection with flattener. The flattener is not a non-skid product, it just takes the gloss out of the Interlux Perfection; maybe you meant Intergrip (that is the Interlux non-skid product for use with Perfection).
      Good luck.

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