Sunday, October 13, 2013

Caprails Really Complete, Sort of...

The only thing left to do is varnish them now, but the caprail construction is actually 100 percent complete.  I planned on getting one coat of varnish on this weekend, but the weather was just a little too damp so I held off.  Unless we get a few warmish, dry days, it might not happen until spring.  I'd rather wait for good weather than put down a first coat that is less than tenacious.  I plan on getting 8-10 on before the boat is launched so whether I do it now or wait is inconsequential from a time standpoint; I want the varnish to last as long as possible.

Last week, the family helped me plug all the screw holes along the top of caprails with 1/2" plugs.  The next day I spent a few hours alone plugging up the rubstrake screw holes with 3/8" plugs.  I gave it all another day to dry and then in one marathon 3 hours session cut off all the plugs flush with my Marples flush cut saw (cheap from Home Depot, but works great).  Since the saw cuts so close, I only needed to do a little sanding with 150 and 220 grit paper to get everything looking good.  I'm really pleased with how they turned out.  I expect that they will last for many years to come if I don't pile the boat up on the rocks or get clobbered by someone else.

Next up, on to the dread cockpit sole.....

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  1. Beautiful! I just finished removing the caprail from the port side and transom, will continue on the starboard when i get a warmer spell... too cold for my fingers out there now!