Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Way Too Long!

I have plenty of good excuses for my boat neglect, but none of them matter because the boat is still waiting for me to finish her up.  However, the past 2 months have been difficult because I had to put my mother into a nursing home (she has Alzheimer's disease) and clean out and pack up her home.  All of it very unpleasant.
Somewhat less unpleasant, but also difficult was the fact that I had to build and install a custom picket fence in our front yard that took far too much time.  Lastly and decidedly pleasant, we went to Mt. Desert Island in Maine for vacation where I spent 6 days bombing around Somes Sound in my 17 foot O'Day Daysailer.  I will now stop whining and proceed with the boat restoration mission.

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