Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Boat to Fix

Even though I have launched my diabolical toerail plan, I won't be able to get to the lumberyard to purchase the mahogany for another few weeks and move forward on the project.  So in the meantime I've decided to infect my son with the boat fixing sickness just like my dad did to me.  We've decided to tackle restoring the dinghy as an interim project; the sailing bug has already hit him, but my job as father won't be complete until I infuse him with a love of boatyards, power tools, and highly toxic solvents.  Click 'The Dinghy' link above for more details.


  1. Fiberglass boats are low maintenance and durable. They don’t deteriorate like wooden boats do. Fiberglass fibers are lightweight, stronger than steel, and won’t stretch or rot.

  2. "Fiberglass boats are low maintenance..." - Really? I guess my boat didn't get the memo on this one.