Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good Things and Bad Things

I got a call yesterday morning from the service desk at the repair shop to tell me that the warranty repair on my 6" Rigid sander was all set and I can come pick it up.  Fantastic, it took a full month to sort out the warranty issues and I wish I had it a day sooner, but not a big deal.  So I drove down to Manchester at lunch and picked it up and when I got home I went straight to the boatshed to try it out.  The 5" DeWalt is really more of a finish sander and just wasn't up to the task of sanding down some of the crappier parts of my fiberglass job.

I started up on the bow and sanded down the fairing mix I had slathered on the day before and the big sander made short work of it.   Sweet.  Smooth as a baby's bottom (with a little diaper rash);  The last layer of glass will go down nicely and should make the final fairing much easier.

Since I was having so much fun, I decided that I would tackle the rest of the foredeck that hadn't been faired.  I was thinking to myself: "Wow, this sander rocks, it does more in 5 minutes than the DeWalt did in 30".  It really cut down the ridges and resin squeeze-outs like they were butter and got the deck down to where I would need only a thin skim of fairing compound. 

About 20 minutes in though, I noticed that the sander started losing power and speed.  I thought that I might have bumped the variable speed control, but it quickly became apparent that there was something very wrong with the unit.  I kept at it and fiddled with the speed control adjustments and the rotational axis a bit, but eventually came to the conclusion that the sander was still screwed up.  Damn!  

So it looks like I will be headed back down to the tool shop again to hopefully get this thing fixed once and for all.  I hate the thought of going back to the DeWalt because it is just sooo slow; I may have to spring for a new sander (probably not a Rigid) if this repair job takes another month. 

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