Monday, January 4, 2010

Slow Month

With the associated madness of the holidays I didn't get too much done over the last month. I spent a few hours over a couple of days removing the hardware from the decks. I think I have everything except a few hatch hinges removed. I spent a fair amount of time labeling and cataloging everything so I know what goes where. I plan on posting pictures of the mess I've made when I am finished removing everything. At that point there won't be much I can do until the spring when temps warm up enough for the epoxy work. I am going to take a week off sometime in April.

A few notes on the shed. It holds up to snow very well and now that it is starting to pile up, the bottom edges are closed in and the salamander heater heats things up nicely. I was working yesterday and had the temp around 50 degrees in the shed while the outside temp was 25. I put up a plastic vapor barrier on the top inside of the shed to keep the moisture down, as the propane heater puts out a lot of moisture. The picture probably can explain it better than I can, but by stapling the plastic up on the inside on the top of the shed, any condensation caused by excess moisture will go to the upper skin and will not fall on the boat as the condensation (when not frozen) will drip on the stapled plastic. Seems to work well so far.

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